Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CMPCC: the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth was held with much fanfare, a military parade and band, many indigenous peoples and a huge international delegation - mostly South American. Here are some pictures to give a little flavour.

The multicoloured flag of the plurinational state of Bolivia is everywhere, as seen in the first picture.
Wipala flag of the indigenous movement

The military parade is something we don't usually get at our rallies in Australia.

Bolivian Army parade at conference opening

The indigenous people with the feather headdress come from out in the Amazon region.
Indigenous group from Bolivian Amazonia

The "Christ: first revolutionary" banner was the first thing that greeted me at the conference venue. Another thing you wouldn't see in Australia!
Christian revolutionary banner

The politics of the event are strongly anti-capitalist, anti-consumerism and pro-indigenous. While it's radical in Australia to say "business-as-usual economics can't fix the problem", here most are calling for an end to capitalism. Can't say I disagree!

More posts will follow over the next few days.

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