Friday, July 30, 2010

150 words on the elections

The local newspaper asked for 150 words. This is what I boiled my campaign down to!

Urgent action on climate change was one thing the Labor government was explicitly voted in to do. They have done nothing. Australia is now coming last internationally in carbon emissions per capita. The recent Zero Carbon Australia report shows we could go zero emissions by 2020, but Labor’s baby steps in renewable energy are dwarfed by their assistance to the coal industry.

Labor promised to “tear up” WorkChoices, but kept much of the worst of it. Construction workers can still be jailed just for refusing attend a secret interrogation by the ABCC.

We are seeing a rerun of Howard’s scapegoating of refugees as well, with children still in detention and growing numbers of genuine refugees imprisoned.

I’m running with the Socialist Alliance because both Labor and Liberal are serving big corporate interests, and its time to put a voice for ordinary, working people into parliament.

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  1. Yowzer!Spoken like a true 150 words or lesser...


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