Saturday, July 31, 2010

Socialist Alliance say: No Freeway!

Leaflet for my election campaign
Melbourne's west needs its transport fixed, but you won't hear any solutions from the Labor government. They don't care that no-one wants their quick-fix freeway.

Socialist Alliance wants Federal government to block funding for the WestLink freeway. Even if state government is determined to build this white elephant, it can be stopped.

Real solutions to road congestion and run-down public transport don't mean new freeways. One rail track can carry as many people as six lanes of freeway. It is energy efficient, quiet and non-polluting. It takes up a fraction of the land area, it costs less to maintain, and it reduces congestion on the roads.

If we are to have tunnels, it should be for the regional rail link so that it does not demolish homes.

Building more roads leads to more reliance on cars, more traffic, and soon the new roads get jammed up as well. Look at the West Gate and Ring Road. Melbourne has had no new railway lines since 1930, but the freeways just keep rolling out. They haven't fixed the problem.

Cleaner, effective transport is a federal priority for Socialist Alliance. Our policies include:
No new freeways, in Footscray or elsewhere;
Freight on rail, trucks off suburban roads;
Free, fast and frequent urban public transport extended to all urban areas.

Federal government can stop this freeway. Melbourne needs a world class train system for commuters like cities in Europe. Vote to send a message to Labor: don't let them get away with this anymore.

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